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Is that an American flag?

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financial support

The bureaucratic process for claiming financial support from the Open university is unnecessarily difficult. You need a copy of your birth certificate, a photocopy for an official copy isn't good enough for them, and the photocopy must be signed and "certified" by people in certain professions, apparently a list drawn up by the Department of Business Environment and Regulatory Reform or whatever they call themselves these days. A nurse, for example, isn't good enough. Nor is a sergeant in the armed forces. Neither are dentists adequate. On the other hand doctors, police, probation officers, these are. Of course I don't know any of them. Doctors are for the infirm, which I'm not. I've never been to prison so not prison officers or probation officers. Don't know what a "permanent civil servant" is. Wouldn't know where to look for a commisioned officer of her majesties armed forces. Can't afford to speak to a lawyer. Narrowed it down to local government officials and police. Man at the desk at the local rent/council tax office wouldn't do it. Asked his boss for permission, apparently not allowed. Police refused to do it too. Had to recruit someone who nearly counts and hope they don't notice. Then I had to get the jobcentre bods to certify the form, which I won't go into. Now I've just got to hope the OU process it all in time.

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Hitler returns

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Odd little film called Incendiary

British Film. All about a terrorist attack on London. Specifically about one woman's emotional journey through the aftermath of the events, so obviously not very good. I see from the internets that the woman in it isn't a typical east end slapper, to quote the fillum, but an American film star formerly in Species as the kid and in the TV series Dawson's Creek, as the blonde one.

Nonsense, mostly. Reminds me of Silent Hill, which is an awful film.

A couple of pieces of interest, though. Firstly, to cut a long story short, the head of the Met anti-Terror branch turns out to have known all about the attack in advance and to have LIHOP, if not MIHOP. Film too busy with emotional journeys to bother with a plot. Secondly, at one point she's sat in a tube station when the tannoy announces that all trains have been cancelled "due to a power surge at King's Cross". Those of us who were watching the news on 7/7 will remember that the original explanation for the explosions was a power surge causing the explosion of transformers in the railway power system. It is, of course, a common trope in conspiracy circles that initial reports reflect the truth which has yet to be concealed by the slick PR operation of the real terrorists behind the attack.

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Notes on various things I'm too lazy to write long pieces about.

The three inevitabilities, appropriate for a Triad, all equal and untrue: whigism, fukuyamaism and marxism. The truth denied: history is not a procession to the inevitable, but a struggle between people and a war between classes.

The free market, which grants a vote to each dollar rather than a vote to each man. All things are of the market, we are told. It is undeniable, immutable, beyond the power of the state or democracy. Yet... it is always, supposedly under threat. To be destroyed by even the slightest rise in taxes, unless on the poor, or regulations, not counting those on personal conduct. But are these not functions of the market? Some say that the boycott of Nestle, now longstanding, is a market mechanism of redressment, showing that regulation is unnecessary. Others say it is an infringement of the market. No-one thinks a trade union is a legitimate market mechanism. But sure the joining of people into voluntary associations to enhance their market power is just as much a function of the market as the increased milk production of the bovine is a function of evolution. But don't get me onto selfish genes. A thought: maybe it's all just an attempt to subvert democracy and establish a monopoly on the usage of collective economic force?

Hill forts! I was listening to a programme on the TV, or possibly listening to the radio, and I came across some bugger claiming hill forts weren't put in place for defensive purposes, but were habitual abodes and settlements. Problems: most of them had no water source, within them have been discovered a disproportionate number of ballista bolts and murdered corpses, for example a man buried with a ballista bolt head in his spine. I might just have accepted "palace" or that archaeological favourite "ritual site", but not village. Also we only have the evidence of their use as a fortification. Sites of settlement tend to be reused, as do forts. Archaeology shows the hill forts to have been refortified during the sub-Roman period, history records their use by "clubbers" in the civil war, gangs of labourers who just wanted both sides to stay away from their land. Could be they were used by the Belgae tribes on incomers as a position of dominance for prestige, the storage and monopolisation of agricultural surplus and intimidation of peasants, like later norman castles.

Something about eoliths being dismissed by modern scientists as the greeks dismissed heliocentrism supposedly because of their attachment to their social organisation, for which the saw the heavens as an analogy. As the modern fundie haters reject the vedic hypothesis because it smells like creationism. An absurd bit of creationism: the supposed fall of Western lactose intolerance. Evolution is supposedly driven by the extinction of those with inferior genetic traits. Do we think that majority of the population which must originally have been lactose intolerant were at such a disadvantage, although not amongst the Chinese for some reason, that they died out? No. More likely those who drank a bit of milk found their genetics changing to meet the situation. Man makes himself.

Narcopederasts. The taleban were, of course, first thrust to power on the wave of revulsion at paedophile warlords. Then they stamped out the drug trade. Then the Americans bombed them. Probably unrelated facts.

dc peter cook - islington paedo ring -- every islington home involved - islington source of children for pron - islington children taken to jersey -- hodge head of islington - blamed bribing joirnos -- hocquart - will fraud - guernsey and britain - his friend rabet -- rabet deputy super of islinton care home - jersey care worker - too children to jersey - more will fraud - inherited sussex manor from oil millionairess made care home w/ clack + hpcquart -- two other jersey associates working for islington -- goldip - islingro now ofsted -- portsmouth

Darwinism in shakespear and the original sources of his stories. Particularly MacBeth, I like a bit of 11th century saga.

The common law stopped slavery here. Somersett case. New laws to relegalise in Virginia, etc..

There's quite a bit of Templar graffiti at newark, lincoln, brueria. Confessions by them were probably correct, as no torture was employed on them in England.

Election by lot in greece and bible (Acts), that's real democracy. Should be brought in at local level immediately. No theft to be going on then. No more rape by charles lynton, bush, so forth.

Current method od democracy, gladiatorial, just theatre. See fall of arbenz, war was entirely fake, invasion reported on radio was entirely fictitious. See recent Afghan attack on non-existent city. Marja? "Fort tungsten."

Boyard the blind horse. School field with sleeper in it. Horse rippers with tomahawks in local paper. Stuarts, masons, castle tunnels, air raid shelters.

Too much education, brainwashing, makes people monocultured, aquinos mindwar to extend to adults and foreigners, education to certify people for lazy employers, meritocracy a curse upon the weak, a renunciation of humanity by the strong,

The voice of history

One of the less desirable outcomes of the rise of pseudo-Marxist and supposedly left wing scholarship has been the fall of the so-called Great Man theory of history. History, we are told, is the study and grand movements of people and faceless impersonal forces. Individuals have been presented as unimportant. The traditional matter of history, the stories and tales of the race, have been disregarded.

No wonder people no longer seem to be interested. History is statistics, the mathematics of agricultural production and immigration figures. As any fule know, no-one's interested in maths.

Like physics, history has been presented as a science, the study of meat machines and what they do. Unlike most things Marxist, this may even be one that Marx would have approved of.

Marx believed in progress. He believed humanity evolved from lower political and economic states to higher, as from lower to higher biological states. He believed the bourgeois democratic state would lead inevitably to an eventual socialist state, via the dictatorship of the proletariat. Marx believed history progressed like clockwork, that this was unavoidable. And he was wrong.

He wasn't the only one. Come the twentieth century and a man called Herbert Butterfield, a historian, a writer of books including the Whig Interpretation of History. This was a critical tome, designed to attack the eponymous school of historical thought. The Whigs, he claimed, and the whig historians, looked at history and saw a progress from lower to higher, the stately progress and ascent of man from the brute beasts to our own heavenly and exalted state, specifically the highest achievements of humanity: the perfect form of government in the person of the then King Emperor of England and his ministers and parliament; the perfect religion in the high church Anglican confession; the perfect social order, that of an English county.

And now we think they were quaint. Even their name, the Whigs, has fallen by the wayside. Consequently Butterfield's book has followed them into the outer darkness of obscurity, but he was right. The name Whig is gone, the specifically whig aspects of their interpretation of history have been binned, history goes on. History still thinks of itself the same way, still thinks of the world the same way.

The church of England isn't as popular as it was. The monarchy isn't as popular as it was. The less said about parliament and the country scene the better. Kings die, crowns go on.

One Franny Fukuyama, Ender and Continuator of History. Seems like a bit of a footnote now, after 9/11 supposedly disproved his hypothesis, but his main point was that history has led to where we are now inevitably, progressively. That liberal democracy and capitalism are the pinacles of human achievement and will remain insurmountable, both beyond challenge and impossible of betterment.

All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Most unpleasantly this has become the ruling orthodoxy of modern life and society. Not only inevitable but desirable. An evil system called meritocracy has conquered the minds of men. Ironically the fall of a history based on the individual has led to a present the conception of which is dominated by narrow and selfish interests.

Man makes himself. Even those things we think of as nature are second nature, things we have picked up after birth, as the otter, wettest of rodents, has to be taught to swim and to overcome a natural aversion to water.

A man whose mind has been fertilised with the stories of his past may base himself upon the heroes of his lineage and nation, someone treated like a meat machine will think of himself as a meat machine. A vehicle for that smallest of free marketeers, the selfish gene.

Everything is alleged to be a function of the free market. The field of microeconomics came about to give pseudoacademic rationalisations to what was previously considered common sense. The actions of individuals were measured by game theory, a theory designed by a paranoid schizophrenic to describe the actions and motivations of humanity and only adhered to by psychopaths and the crazed immoral race of economists.

Some problems present themselves with this theory, although facts rarely derail a friendly theory. Those economic phenomenae known as barriers to the market, long forbidden by various international treaty, are supposedly counter to the doctrine of self-interest. International treaties, by this interpretation are in place to save peoples from themselves. Peoples who are remarkably ungrateful. Democracy, the holy self-government of the people, consistently provides obstacles ot the movements of the market. If all things were functions of the market this would be no problem, people acting collectively to withhold their labour, the boycott products or to bring about redistributive taxation would merely be seen as joining together to strengthen their market power, to bring about what they wanted at a price they are willing to pay, for universal health care for example. But some bargains and transactions are market, some aren't.

The ones that aren't are those which don't fit the idea some try to put across of the relations between people. If someone becomes a blackleg and betrays his union during a strike it's his self-interest. If someone tries to protect his job by joining a strike it's an obstruction and impediment to the market.

The anti-democratic activities of the plutocrat represent the real distortion of the market.

Meritocracy, so-called, doesn't describe how things are but how it is convenient to pretend they are. Those who attain positions of power through deceit and proceed to use their power to commit theft, such as MPs, pretend they are the most deserving in society. Nothing is so distasteful as to hear someone complaining that if he wasn't so well paid we would face the terrible hardship of making do with a lesser individual in the role. All the more distasteful to hear such rubbish from those whose position gives them power indepedent of wealth, such as MPs.

A healthy recompense, and here the facts will bare me out, doesn't have the psychological impact its beneficiaries would like the believe. To misuse a metaphor, wages above a subsistence level aren't filling a pot but lighting, and fueling, a fire. Greed, in this case, rather than the lust for knowledge.

The word was coined by Michael Young, writer behind the election manifesto of the Labour party in 1945. He had intended his satire "The Rise of the Meritocracy" to be a warning to the future. The future obligingly neglected it. The word caught on with the ignorant and malevolently inclined, though.

As we can now see real history isn't the story of progression ever upwards to the system most desirable to the rulers of today. History is a weapon. As Orwell said, those who control the past control the present.

A weapon in the class war. The eternal war. The one they try to convince us isn't happening. We, you see, are cattle.

Fort: I suspect that, after all, we're useful -- that among contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by having paid out analogues of beads for us to former, more primitive, owners of us -- all others warned off -- that all this has been known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this earth, a cult or order, members of which function like bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions received -- from Somewhere else -- in our mysterious usefulness.

Yes, I don't doubt. Also, the blue ones. Clever man, that Fort. And Shaver. Vermin from Space. Different matter, maybe later.

War, not what one expects between sheep and wolf. Too one sided. But us, very dangerous herd. Most dangerous game. Even angels scared. More scared of use than we are of them, even though we haven't got stings. Nobel prize. Economic one, not even a proper nobble. Not that the real ones are better.

I think there are some who realise that humanity provides food. I think that they eat our adulation. I think shaven-headed Britney was a milk maid. From us she extracted what her masters feed upon. I think there is something which uses us for their power, and uses its power to keep us down, with the help of its overseers. No doubt the overseers see such power and join the brotherhood fo the brown trouser. They haven't got stings, or at least not that they know of. So, they decide, better to be a master in hell than a servant in heaven. It is our manifest destiny, you see, to be foodstuffs. Everyone is after us. We must be really important.

Vox pop, vox dei. The voice of the people is the voice of God. The breath of God animates man. The Word of God became man.

A welsh tale, part one

Thoughts on an Introduction

I have, probably unwisely, signed up as a student with the Open University. A few comments on the introduction to the course materials.

Preconceptions, about Wales, they give a list. Confusing, in that these supposed stereotypes of Welshness are mostly ones I've never heard of. It's said that Wales didn't have a capital until 1955, when the government made Cardiff, as I shall refrain from calling it Caer Dydd, the Welsh capital. Wales had had centres of government in the past, although it's never been a single contiguous independent polity. Apparently one can sense a transition as one heads into wales "on the southern road" something which gives away more than it's meant to. There is a very south-centric aspect to Welsh government and society at present, the almost extinct southern dialect of Welsh having been chosen for massive European subsidies and official indoctrination in schools, not to mention use in broadcasting and government documents, while the north welsh dialect long actually used has been allowed to wither away. A coincidence, almost certainly, but DNA tests done to derive the genetic origins of various local populations as blood-archaeology, show a hefty dose of Anglo-Saxon DNA along the south coast of Wales, purportedly due to a Norman effort to repopulate the area with English and Frisian colonists.

Another thing said: it's as if Wales hasn't existed, and of course under the Act of Union this was the case. Wales was a mere part of England. An incosequential observation, but even so.

A question is asked: what is history. The answer, what history is not. History is a weapon. "The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting."

Most annoyingly a man called Jones, not entirely surprisingly, claims the Welsh had no experience of Empire, and hence while England, commonly conceived of as "Britain" was searching for a role the Welsh could carry on uneffected due to their "different economic realities", free of the "obsession" with "state sovereignty and integrity".

Of course the reality is that the Welsh benefited from Empire just as the rest of Europe did, some by fighting, some through business activities, some as workers capitalising on the availibility of export markets (a third of the world exports of coal were once Welsh, although no Welsh mines survive today having been outcompeted by, amongst others, those who were formerly occupied by Welsh soldiers), not to mention the Naval consumption of Welsh coal. Those Englishmen in "Zulu" with Michael Caine? Welsh, to a man.

Now, the Welsh have suffered the same economic fate as northern England. If they don't seem "obsessed" with such unfashionable concepts as national self-determination, such things are to be expected after such relentless economic battering to drive them into submission.

Of course, this won't be something I ever inform the course tutors of. Probably unwise to inform the historians of Wales that their conceptions of both Wales and history are entirely and fundamentally at error.

The Putative Welsh Presence in the New World

Apparently, this is in a book I have here, not in the course materials, there is a pile of rocks somewhere near Llandudno up which is attached a plaque, a plaque claiming this t be the point of origin of the mythical medieval mystery tour of the now infamous Prince Madog or Madoc, one of the never ending parade of claimants to the office of Discover of the Americas.

Loser !, says I. The Vikings beat him to it, along with possibly the Chinese and Punics. Possibly others. Never ending parade, as I says.

The plaque has more to say. It would appear he not only made it to America where he blessed the natives with the unpronounceable Welsh tongue, but he landed specifically in that poverty-stricken land fall of hurricanes, Mobile Alabama.

No accounting for taste, but then he didn't know he'd end up there or he'd probably have stayed in good old Wales.

The book uses this possible saga as a launching point for a discussion of Welsh presence in the Americas in more recent times, specifically in coal mines in Pennsylvania or some such place.

Not mentioned, more interestingly, are the more substantial Welsh colonisations of the Americas: one on the border of Argentina and Chile in the nineteenth century, which seems likely to be the origin of today's Argentine rugby team, a sport deprecated by all other Hispanophone nations. The other is, of course, that ancient Celtic, or proto-Welsh, presence recorded by Barry Fell and other academic collectors of the Ogham inscriptions of New England and North America generally. Another Welsh claim to firstness in the North American continent.

Even the mainstream of the academic world has now acknowledged the presence of these Ogham inscriptions, although they claim the translations offered by the Fellites are somewhat colloquial and lacking the dignity to be expected from proper scholarly work. Rather missing the point, I think, of the major implications of finally condescending to admit the truth of pre-historic connections across the oceanic highways between here and there, namely the truth of the Diffusionist theory over the currently dominant Isolationist faith.

Not that any of that gets into this course on Welsh history, of course. They are very much of the historical school of thought, virtually synonymous with the study of history itself, which relies entirely on tight readings of historical documents and the occasional flight of prejudiced fantasy to connect this hand-picked evidence to the established ideas it's meant to support.

The story of Beddgelert, for example. Held up and claimed to be the bastard child of a Beddgelert innkeeper, even offered as an example of how quickly oral traditions can be spread around and can come to be accepted as, if not truth, age-old tradition. Of course, there is another possible explanation, which is that the story is true. Doubtful, even to a myth-lover like myself, but just as valid a possibility. More likely still, is a middle ground. Not that this unlikely story is true, but not that an insular innsman dreamed the whole thing up and cleverly convinced the entire national public of Wales that it was a traditional folk tale. No, rather it's neither. It is an age-old tale coming from whatever well-spring also spawned near-identical continental versions of the tale. It's an archetypal tale, to credit its presence in the store of Welsh archetypes to an obscure innkeeper without even bothering to present evidence is outlandish. Especially in such a richly sourced essay as that one, with myriads of sources provided for each statement, often of only tangential relevance, still none is given for the slander of the innkeeper.

At the other end of Madoc's journey, in Mobile, a group called The Daughters of the American Revolution have erected a plaque. Something along the lines of a Madoc was ere.

Maybe he was, too. Wouldn't be the first. Don't know what's so good about Patagonia. The Nazis went there, too. Nazis, Welshmen, giant Indians, fossilised giant ground sloth... not many trees.

The odd cattle mute, too.
A Rising

A more subversive aspect to Welsh history than the occasional mention of Iolo Morganwgg: the Merthyr Tydfil rising of 1831. The Rebecca Riots get a mention, as they can be put forth as an example of the importance of women, because they're named after one from the Bible and some of the rioters dressed as women. Of course, some of the Teabaggers, the original ones, dressed up in redskin garb and blackface. Weren't advocates were native rights, though.

The Rebecca Riots, though, were a rebellion of small farmers, the middling sort if you will, and ended when the labourers working for these farmers started getting a bit uppity. Tydfil was a different matter, an uprising not of tenant farmers objecting to toll roads but of steel workers whose goods had been stolen by the bailiffs of the courts. Even when the Highlanders arrived as the strong arm of the government, the workers held ot for four days until they were shot down by the musket men.

One Mrs Arbuthnot, a horrible right wing diarist, compared it to the Peterloo massacre, not too many years earlier and somewhat less serious. “the newspapers for weeks wrote it up as the most outrageous and wicked proceedings ever heard of” she wrote, not entirely accurately for the press had almost uniformly (not least the Guardian, see 50,000 issues of the war-mongering hatefilled imperialist Guardian newspaper) supported the government actions during the Peterloo massacre. She continues “But that was in Tory times. Now this Welsh riot is scarcely mentioned.” Somewhat more accurate there, at least. Tydfil was entirely forgotten. Too dangerous to be remembered, Foot thinks. Could be. Going on at about the same time as the Bristol Massacre, at which dozens were cut down by the King's Own Dragoons for protesting the Great Reform Act.

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Another argument I've got into on rigint

POsted here for backup, with the original coding intact.

[quote="Blue"]It's the exact same language used by religious fundamentalists who have gotten "Pro Life" into the mainstream conversation thus implying Pro-Choice adherents are actually "Anti-Life" which is of course absurd.[/quote]

I'd just like to take the opportunity to recommend Nick Davies' Flat Earth News at this point. Good book. Chronicles both the rise of the term "pro-life" and "pro-choice", both as the blatant propaganda they are. Also convinced me drugs should be legalised.

[quote="jam.fuse"]I am guessing one sufficiently wealthy and depraved could indeed purchase the actual sexual organs of another human; in the USA one could probably at some point legally purchase genitalia originally belonging to a slave or native american like some kind of trinket. [/quote]

You could buy a certain brand of anti-wrinkle face cream which contains foreskin fibroblasts extracted from the circumcised foreskins of male American infants. There's a clinic in the Caribean (cf. BBC Radio 4 "Stem Cell Swindle") where you can buy stem cells extracted from the dismembered corpses of murdered Ukrainian newborns, snatched by doctors from the arms of their mothers (literally), and have them injected into your face as a cosmetic beauty treatment.

[quote="82_28"]Peregrine, read that article McC posted (that was awful!). This is exactly what I have a problem with -- it has nothing to do with being "sex-positive". I've seen that final scene in Requiem For A Dream, I have happened upon a friend being raped and far too many of my friends relay to me that in their pasts, they too have been sexually abused, raped or molested. I have no problem with your "position" on this issue and I am not arguing with you nor do I want to come off as rude or caustic. But you do not know the minds of men very well. You do not understand how many men do not give a shit about you as a human and even as a guy myself, if I called them on it, they would kick my ass or worse. You do not know how many men and boys that are out there who are like that. Vacant eyes, predatory, opportunistic, unctuous. Obviously not [i]all[/i] men! Obviously not. But you reap what you sow I suppose. I simply do not like any human being put up to or putting themselves up to as an object in any way, shape or form. It sends mixed signals to psychopaths. This is all IMHO. Apologies for any offense. . . [/quote]

There are unpleasant and dangerous people around, female as well as male, but I rather doubt that to be news. And your pontificating on "the minds of men" contradicts you disclaimers of "not all men". You seem to mean to imply that men are a group of dangerous and atavistic savages, barring the chivalrous band to which you belong as one of those few to whom women can safely make themselves available. I also have trouble, in that I don't entirely comprehend, with this notion of objectification. Then I do have a tendency to anthropomorphise the inanimate.

[quote="Blue"]Blatant bigotry towards feminists. Would this statement be allowed to stand on RI if one replaced "feminists" with a racial minority or a homosexual? Broad brush hatred and all.[/quote]

The correct analogy would be to white supremacists or Black Panthers and Zionists. The difference is that these are political movements, not birth groups. One can't choose whether to belong to a racial minority, nor has any perfidiousness been provably linked to ethnic origin. The same can't be said for adherents of hate movements such as feminism.

[quote]What planet does Stephen live on?[/quote]

A common question, with only one answer: the only planet with wi-fi connectivity.

[quote]Such bullshit that you don't see all the high paying job opportunities available for men to take (name a job that pays women more than men other than the sex industry) that don't include selling their bodies and privacy in order to obtain a higher education while at the same time condemning the ugly women to just not having that career path available to them.[/quote]

I assumed I wouldn't have to specifically mention the existence of the ugly. As for wages, as you'd know if you'd done some academic research on gender issues, so-called, rather than just absorb the ambient climate of feminist rage, women doing the same work already get the same pay, if not more. Women also make up the majority of new university graduates and post-graduates. Unemployment figures are also higher for men. Wages for never-married individuals are also higher for women, in the same situation (ie, job). True, women earn x pence in the pound compared to men (the figure changes depending on who you ask and how old their figures are), because women choose those jobs which pay slightly less well (although recent legal actions in this country have forced local authorities to increase wages for predominantly female jobs to those of predominantly male positions, for example school dinner ladies despite doing a less unpleasant job and despite the bin men having won those wages through decades of concerted and democratic industrial action). And if women are willing to sacrifice a few years of seniority for a few years of staying home and looking after children, as I understand often happens, I'm sure you'll choose to see that as their conforming to pressures placed upon them by a patriarchal society, while I see it as women being in the privileged position of having a choice as to whether to work or to stay at home and do what any sane person would much prefer doing, while men don't have that choice (well not here anyway, I don't have a global expertise on rights to parental leave allocations). These two positions are unlikely to come into accord.

[quote]This is the epitome of sexism.[/quote]

For those reasons enumerated above, and others, I was having similar thoughts about yourself. Of course I suspect my definition of sexism is somewhat different to yours. Definitions are something of a pet hate of mine. Poplarism, defined by the dictionary as a policy of irresponsibly high taxes, was actually the opposite, an attempt to lower taxes on the poor which were being used to subsidise the rich. Sexism, often defined as prejudice against women but which my habitual use of the English language leads me to believe may in fact indicate any prejudice upon the basis of sex, whether against men or women. Or hermaphrodites, for that matter. Not sure about those who undergo the sex change operations, probably a matter for debate. A movement for equality would probably shy away from a term so similar to "womanism", too. And feminism is generally defined as a movement seeking equality for women, seemingly a comical error in that equality, by its nature, must be for both men and women or neither. Would be less of a concern if it, like Ronseal, did as the packaging describes, but alas it does not. Would create difficulties. Would all those money spinning feminist authors be so well off if they wrote books advocating joint custody of children in cases of parental seperation? Would Women's Studies colleges attract students to read about women handing out white feathers to men who declined to fight unjust wars, while themselves of course refusing to fight? No, if feminism sought as a movement to bring about equality it would find hard work in recruiting women who wished to worsen their own position in society. Hence the failure of the Equal Rights Amendment.

[quote]Oh, and Stephen has many, many posts here at RI which are hateful towards women. Wonder why he's allowed to continue to do this?[/quote]

I suppose somewhere there's someone who recognises my position as a simple love of reason, freedom and democratic socialism. I'm certainly not paying bribes to anyone. Could be my winning personality I s'pose, but I'll stick with option one: someone reads my posts and sees that they aren't hateful to women. Maybe they even have some bizarre ideas about people not being censored for holding unfashionable political opinions. Sepka's still here, after all, and his opinions are fashionable around this place. Well, I don't like them anyway.

[quote="barracuda"]In my opinion, Stephen's discourse has bordered on, and edged up on, and sometimes crossed the border of, hate speech towards women.[/quote]

Well, I disagree with your opinion.

[quote]My suggestion to you is that you flag offensive posts using the little button in the lower right hand corner of the post box, which allows you to tag such comments and report them to the admin. If you are persistent, hopefully there will be some action. A pm to Jeff might prove just as forceful if not moreso. [/quote]

You didn't give her Jeff's e-mail address, that might have been useful too. Perhaps if you were to picket his home with a brightly painted placard that might bring about what they call in government circles "favourable regulatory action".

[quote]I am all for dissuading Stephen from his less likable self, and am certain his anti-feminist polemic would survive some self-restraint with no diminishing effect on its power to repulse.[/quote]

More which is beyond my comprehension. Firstly I don't have more than one self. If you look you'll see I basically do two types of post, one is a short post containing information I believe to be relevant to whatever I'm replying to which that replyee has elicited from my mental archive, the other is an entirely civil post denouncing the evils of anathema political movements such as capitalism, zionism and feminism. These latter posts often bring about equal and opposite denunciations, although only the feminists go so far as lobbying to have me banned. These posts, nonetheless, have the same motives and ideological and intellectual backing, and are in the same tone. The only difference is my "target", if you will. So if my conduct is unobjectionable when I'm on your side, perhaps you are merely biassed against this one of my positions, causing your subjective experience of my conduct to be more visceral than it has reason to be. Too psychologically identified with feminism. Well, with being left wing and freedomist, which people tend to misguidedly associate with feminism. I'm not going to list the evils of feminism again, which I'm sure you'll be glad to hear, but it is both an inherently authoritarian, moralist and capitalist movement and, as is usually the case with so called identity politics, both a distraction from true socialist advancement and a divisive concept which serves only to split and isolate groups which would otherwise tend to work towards more desirable goals.

[quote="simulist"]Do you have a travel agent?[/quote]

No. I'm too cheap to go on holiday, I prefer cold weather and even when I was a child I always hated holidays. I mean, if your daily life is so miserable either do something different or just top yourself and get it over with. Don't go defiling the parthenon with your burger wrappers. I don't like theme park rides either. Even when, as a child too small to physically resist compulsion, I was dragged unwillingly to Skegness and Ingoldmells I'd just spend all my time in the arcade on those slot machines for the coppers that they only have at the sea side. The bells and whistles make it easier to alienate oneself from the crushing masses of humanity. Find me somewhere cold, dry, twilit, cheap and near my house and I might think about it, as a new home rather than a holiday, mind. And it would have to not require anything to do with travel agents, as travel agents form part of the humanity that, as I pointed out, I'm very enthusiastic to avoid.

Sunkissed nudist beaches with roller coasters, plentiful recreation drug supplies and a lively night club scene is pretty much how I imagine the abode of eternal perdition. Keep 'em. Even those places it would be not unpleasant to become acquainted with, such as the cathedral of Simon Stylites or the catacomb churches of Lallibella would be ruined by the people, or the heat, or that funny foreign food. They don't do chips in some parts of the world, you know (I like reading about exotic climes, even if I would prefer to avoid them in actuality). Make bread out of funny things. Millet. Oats. Manioca. Make cheese from milk of animals other than jersey cows. And I understand Jaffa Cakes and proper tea are impossible to put ones hand upon in the uncivilised lands past the Folkestone ferry terminal. Might catch malaria. Or guinea worm. Or yellow fever. Dysentry. Existentialism. Typhoid. Yes, you can keep your Buddhism and your olives and your horsemeat and your "fun". Let those of the horse riding, chinless, inbred classes do what they like with their "gap years" and "grand tours", I'm staying here where the food is agreeable bland, the weather agreeable moderate, the waters agreeable free of disease and at almost all times of year the most agreeably clothed. As am I, of course, very agreeably clothed. I've got a nice black t-shirt, serves me well both in the blessed winter and those terrible months of warmth.

And let this be a lesson, simulist, not to get me started when I'm in one of those moods.

You too can reduce your carbon footprint, bills, and stockpile of sins, engrams and/or "things to work through with my therapist" by avoiding holidays and simply cheering up. Your therapist, that is. I was once coerced into discoursing with a psychiatric professional, but that was worse than going on holiday and I made successful endeavours to avoid a repetition of the event.

But I was planning on denouncing the counter revolutionary nature of feminism, rather than the id-centric nature of the holiday culture. Maybe another time.

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Holly Greig

Paedos run Scotand

And here, given the Scottish Raj.

Also from a post at RI:

Lord Graville Jenner(Labour Peer)
Jenner was accused of raping a 15 year old boy at the holiday in in Glasgow, the night before the boy was due to give evidence, the judge was taken out to dinner by the defense team for Jenner, and it was arranged that the boy was not allowed to Jenner in court as his rapist, or he would be in contempt of court. Jenner won his case and he walked in to the house of commons to a standing ovation by MP's. I stand by what i have said for many years, the house of commons and Lords are filled with perverts and rapists, and the police and the courts will defend them all the way, as they are all in the same private club.

Lord Kaufman(Labour Peer)

He is well known to police in London for sexually abusing young boys, he likes them under 12 when he can get them.

Lord Britton(Leon, former home sec when Maggie was in power)

He is very well known for raping young boys. The police raided his house when a young boy staggered in to the street half naked, and when police asked what happened he told them about Britton and his friends and took them to the house. When they called in to report what happened , they were ordered to take everyone in, and when they got there there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The boys were paid off, and a short time later, Leon Britton was summoned to meet his fellow MP, William Hague on the beach in Brighton at 5.45 in the morning, where he was told that he was to be made commissioner for the UK, and he would not be allowed to be in politics again in the UK. That was how he became commissioner and he stayed there for many years, until the corruption inquiry went ahead, which saw a large number of people from different countries being made to resign.

Brown is known for sexually abusing numerous boys, as well as girls. He is known for a particularly vile rape in Aberdeen in the 70's, when he and 2 others paid a prostitute for access to her 9 year old daughter. They all raped her several times, and some years later the girl went to court to get custody of her little brother because of her mother's abuse, and drug use. She won the case and has had custody of him ever since. The records have vanished from court, but the victim still remembers what happened, and who did it.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair(Tony Blair,former PM of the UK)

He was charged and appeared in court at Bow Street magistrates court for importunity in a public toilet with another male. He tried to get sexual favour from the other man, little did he know that the toilet was being watched by police. Blair was fined £500, and walked away with nobody knowing who he really was as he used his middle names to cover who he was. Charles Lynton is the name used, and his friends in court got him off with a fine, because he is one of them.

Edward Heath(former PM of the UK)

He is very well known for his perverted abuse of young boys. I spoke to one of his victims and he told me about others who were present, and more important, who was supplying the children to him. The person bringing children for him to abuse is Sir Jimmy Saville. He was seen by the witness, victim, taking young boys onboard Heaths yacht the morning cloud when they were at party conference. Saville is known for supplying a number of high profile MP's with children for them to sexually abuse.

This is the first part, i will reveal more tonight and tomorrow.

6:12 PM

Anonymous said...
This is the next part of MP's who abuse children.

Lord Robertson(Former head of NATO)

He is very well known to police in the UK. He was removed by the US government because they found out about his perverted taste for boys. They were going to expose him if he did not resign, so we got the"I'm resigning for family reasons bull shit)Robertson is a dangerous predatory paedophile, but as bad as the one i am about to name next.

Lord Hardie,
The former Lord Advocate for Scotland, is a known paedophile, who some years ago had his BMW stolen by 2 victims, when they were caught, Hardie told the police to let them go, and he did not bring charges against them. Why would a judge not charge them with theft, unless they had information which would destroy him.

Lord McAlpine,
Former treasurer of the conservative party.
He is known to the police in the UK and abroad, for sexually abusing young boys, including using a coffin to put the boy in, then they simulate burying him by sprinkling gravel on the top of the coffin, the child is screaming with terror and will do whatever he is told due to being so scared of being put in the coffin again. This person is alleged to have murdered at least 2 boys and buried their bodies on his estate. I got this information from a police officer who was involved in investigating McAlpine, and he is certain that he has committed murder several times, but he is to well protected to get him.

6:18 PM

Anonymous said...
Micheal Portilo(former MP Kensington & Chelsea.

Portilo is well known within the conservative party, as are others for his perverse abuse of children. He also likes adults now and again, particularly his friend and fellow MP Peter Lilley. He was giving portilo a good time in the DTI building on the day of the 92 election, he was on his knees, (I'm sure i don't have to paint a picture for you.
He also like Morocco Del sol, where he delights in having young boys for sexual abuse. He used to go to the same hotel and on one visit, he left top secret documents behind in connection with the UK's defense systems, was it an accident, or was he being blackmailed? He also goes to the Isle of White regularly with Lilley and other friends where they have access to children. He is disgusting and i want him in prison where he belongs.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Steeleye Span

First example:

Canal Defence Light (CDL) was a British "secret weapon" of the Second World War.

It was based upon the use of a powerful carbon-arc searchlight to dazzle and confuse enemy troops. A demonstration had shown that the use of a vehicle mounted searchlight both disoriented the units facing it and masked activities behind the searchlight.

The searchlight was mounted in an armoured turret fitted to a tank. Initially the Matilda tank was used replacing its normal turret with a cylindrical one containing the searchlight (the light emitting through a vertical slit) and a machine gun. This was later replaced by the US M3 Grant which was superior in several ways; it was a larger roomier tank, better able to keep up with tanks such as the Sherman and it had a hull mounted gun which was unaffected by the replacement of its normal turret with the searchlight turret.

The light could be varied in two ways to further enhance any effect.

  • Addition of blue or amber filter would make the light source seem further away or closer respectively.
  • the operation of a shutter would create a flickering effect.

The project was shrouded in secrecy. It was tested during Exercise Primrose in 1943 at Kilbride Bay with the result that it was determined to be "too uncertain to be depended upon as the main feature of an invasion".


As the abuse memories began to surface when we explored the roots of the ADD, Jim was often aware of a very bright light in the middle of the surfacing images. When I asked him to focus on the light, Jim began to repeat the same phrases again and again. One such session revealed the following set of phrases:

Your mommy loves you, no matter what anyone else says. You just fell down. Your Linkknee is only a little scraped. Those bruises happened when you fell. Poor Jim, mommy helped you fix your knee and made it better. No matter what anyone else says, you know this is true. Your mommy loves you every day, more and more. And when you look at your knee remember your mommy loves you. Your mommy loves you more and more each day."

It took me a moment to realize that he had been told to look at a bright light while classically-formulated hypnotic suggestions were told to him after he experienced abuse. Because of this, I realized that it would be necessary to uncover all of the hypnotic suggestions that had been given to him during or after abuse.


LinkThe word, "hypnosis", comes from the term "neuro-hypnotism" first used by the Scottish physician and surgeon, James Braid, around 1841. He coined that term to differentiate his techniques from those of Franz Anton Mesmer, who named his practice "Mesmerization". It is from Braid that we get the tradition of inducing a hypnotic state by having the subject stare at a bright light.


According to Mr Tomlinson a strobe flash gun was to be shone in the face of Milosevic's driver in a tunnel causing his car to swerve and crash.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


There is an idea commonly put about by the business and intellectual elites that the earth is over populated, that there is no way in the long term to support the current mass of humanity and, to be blunt about the matter, that they heartily wish most of us were dead.

The environmentalist movement, with their talk about tough choices and changing minds has enthusiastically jumped on the bandwagon.

In reality two things are responsible for the current state of the environment. One is the way of life we have adopted, which would be unsustainable even if there were only five hundred million people on the earth, or indeed five million for that matter. The other is, unpopular though the idea will be, underpopulation.

The lack of people means a lack of pressure to support natural resources such as fish stocks at levels which produce the highest harvests, lack of pressure to make much potentially productive arable land fertile and a lack of labour in the third world, not to mention a lack of higher food prices which would encourage third world producers to produce and first world producers to produce without massive subsidies.

I've even heard it suggested that lower population would lessen unemployment, even though our economy is based on services and would lose money with less people to provide services to.

A true overpopulation crisis would imply the efficient use of resources wasn't enough to sustain us, but African farmers produce nothing because of American subsidised imports, Caribean sugar plantations close down and revert to jungle because of European beet production.

Farmers of African rice are outcompeted by USG sponsored giveaways, and we all know they wouldn't give something away if it had a marketable value.

We also often hear that we are wiping away our environmental capital, and modern extensive agriculture techniques make this partly true but very misleading. Nature didn't give us a capital to use up, our predecessors created it. They spent their lives, more than they knew, on higher fish stocks, higher water tables and thicker top soil.

Men spent centuries digging leaf mould, bone meal, coal ash and excrement into the soil. Laying hedges to break wind and stop the erosion of top soil, to create new soil with their leaves, to hold water in the land with their roots.

The oldest building in Britain isn't stone henge. It's a tree. There are those who will quibble about my classification of a tree as a building, as there are those who say the pyramids aren't buildings, but this tree, which to the naked eye looks more like a forest, has been entirely shaped by man and due to man's efforts has long outlived its likely natural lifespan, not to mention those of all the humans who have tended it. It's a normal lime tree, grown into a copse through the cultivating efforts of dozens of generations of coppicers.

Even fish stocks have us to thank for their former high levels, fed by the siltation caused by land clearance and arable farming. The food production increases in Egypt brough about by the Nasser dam were cancelled out by the almos total destruction of their fisheries as the dam stopped silt from the Ethiopian highlands reaching the sea. The antiquity of the Ethiopian civilisation can be shown by the fact that Egypt, from earliest times, was reliant on the Nile silt, which in turn depended upon cultivation of the land around it's upper courses in Abyssinia.

Even before the advent of arable farming, humanity had long been sedentary and had planted the seeds of those plants he found useful so that they would be in greater plenty in future years. Hunter gatherers weren't nomads. They stayed in one place and, as has generally been the case with humans, shaped the land around them. They essentially created the species we eat today, both plants and animals, things we have no reason to thank nature for.

Primitives were like us, and they and their successors created the productive land we have today. They weren't nomads wandering about the place in yurts, abandoning each area as it became exhausted only to move onto the next patch until they killed they too. They didn't practice slash and burn like some loin cloth wearing Mayan savage, or some weak chinned aristocrat looking to encourage grouse numbers.

Mankind made the earth a suitable environment for himself and hasn't so far finished. That's the great work of mankind that we should be continuing, not reversing.

A word on fish. We have already passed peak fish. A properly sustainable fishing industry would produce more fish than we do now, but current practices such as dredging up breeding grounds on the sea floor have done damage. The logical conclusion would be a moratorium on fishing for a few years, which may seem unrealistic but is less unrealistic than the annihilation of 90% or more of the human race. Well, hopefully, at least. Then go back to fishing with more sustainable practices and higher yields.

Ultimately I would like to see global populations reach ten milliards. This should be doable by extending the lives of those in countries which have shorter life expectancies. Populations should increase enough before higher standard of living reduces birthrates.

I would like to see India continue to rebuild its ancestral water storage to maximise use of the monsoons and replenish the water table. I would like to see money spent on sand dams to create more usable land in Africa. I'd like to see western subsidies dropped and west African grain allowed into our markets. I'd like to see those hedges destroyed by fickle EU CAP policies replanted. I'd like to see those parts of the Amazon left as unused grass land replants with trees, the Maya nuts and other edible species, and populated with people so as to cultivate the land and revivify it.

The spectre that haunts our race is that of abandonment. Of the lights going out and the cities becoming empty. The Saxons arriving in the cities of the Romans and Welsh which they thought were built by giants, but which had been abandoned even by the degenerate remnant of Welshmen hiding away in their hillforts and coastal fastnesses. The empty cathedral of Simon Stylites, once holding 15,000 people and now gone, with dozens of surrounding settlements which still stand empty today because of the shifting of trade routes. The empty homes of south-western America, the population dead because of bad land management. The mounds of the Cahokians, the empty lands above the Exe, the Great Zimbabwe, the Canarian pyramids, the megalithic Baalbek and Lexis, the dried oases of the Tarim. The dead Mycenae and Hattusas. The Pope and some peasants squatting in the Forum. The European farmland abadoned after the black death, so much of it taken over by the wildwoods that carbon in the atmosphere dropped enough to cause the mini-ice-age.

Well and such collapse now would be global. We will either do what we were born to do, tame the earth, fill it up, spread life over its surface and wrest life from the dust, or we will continue on our current path, with doesn't just use resources but destroys them, which causes most damage with least people and which will ultimately make us a cancer which destroys both its host and itself.

Tory, because you're worth it

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Italian money is lira

Nonono. Is Euros. Was lira. See also Turkish lira, Egyptian lira, French Livre.

That £? "L"!

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King Kill TV

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Dutroux in Context

Dutroux in Context

On the thirteenth of August nineteen ninety six Marc Dutroux and his wife, along with his sidekick Michel Lelievre, were arrested for the kidnap of fourteen year old Laetitia Delhez. In the end six children are known to have been kidnapped, some killed and used for the production of child pornography.

So began the unravelling of the biggest scandal in Belgian history. This is the scandal that links a team of US marines parachuting into Belgium and attacking a police station, killing an officer, to a prostitution ring providing girls to orgies for the Belgian elite and foreign diplomats, including the Crown Prince of Belgium.

This is the scandal that links a criminal gang living on the proceeds of drugs and child pornography to a Europe-wide network of spies carrying out terrorist attacks to subvert democracy in Western Europe.

This scandal links associations of World War II Fascists to illegal weapons smuggling and arms to Iraq, and neo-Nazis to the assassination of a minister of the Beligian government. It links a gangster and pervert who claimed to be an undercover policeman to the armed Ardennes training ground of a neo-fascist youth movement armed by the intelligence services and victims of child rape to a campaign to blackmail Arab dignitaries.

A scandal the far tentacles of which reach into the White House, every NATO intelligence service and even nominal enemies of the West. A scandal which should never have been allowed to go by the wayside without the guilty being brought to account before the law.

This is the story of a real-life conspiracy.

The Pinon Affair

Although the capture of Dutroux provided impetus, there had long been rumours in Belgium, discounted by the Establishment but accepted by many people, of ballets roses, pink dances, a euphemism for orgies, specifically orgies involving underage girls. One of the earliest emergences into the light of this was during the Pinon affair.

It was at the Lake Genval in August of '79, as the dark spectre of Thatcherism crept slowly over civilisation, that Andre Pinon was talking to the woman he was divorcing. He was there to get the truth, and most importantly to get the truth on tape, so that he could get custody of his children. A bluff, a private dick, a bit of coaxing and she spilled the beans on it all. His house was robbed and all that was taken was the tape, but a copy was available.

She tells him, and does so on tape, that her new man Dr. Bettens, runs orgies and that she has been taking part in them, having sex with many people of both sexes. She names some of her fellow orgiasts, elite deviants, members of the government and spookdom. A doctor called Crokaert.

Soon thereafter the wife of Crokaert is dead, found in a hotel room and announced "suicided". Pinon believes it to be murder, but when he gets to court the boss man running his burglary case for the government forbids the playing of the tape for the family court and custody of his children is awarded to his ex wife. He could have done a Kamal, the man who was the only Frenchman ever to win political asylum in America because his wife was part of a devil-cult of paedophiles and politicians and wished to abuse his daughter, but Pinon instead shouted all he knew from the roof tops to try to reverse the decision.

He meets Christine Doret, an orgiast along with his wife, who tells him that vanden Boeynants, former deputy Prime Minister, and the future King are involved. She first raised the spectre of paedophilia. She also claims the family court judge who decided against him has had children in care delivered to orgies.

Doret was lured to speak on tape to a journalist, eventually storming out upon the revelation of his profession claiming she will deny everything. Within weeks the offices of his paper are destroyed with molotov cocktails, burned by the terrorist paedophiles. The facts became public in court and when other journalists tracked her to her holiday resort, she did just what she said, denied it all. "Conspiracy theory", she says, let him enjoy it.

The case was dismissed by the court and the firebombing of the paper was blamed on the Front de la Jeunesse, who resented the leftist paper for revealing the location of their secret neo-fascist training camp deep in the primeval forests of the Ardennes. The FJ are now known to have been the Belgian wing of the Gladio network, or a tool thereof. A tentacle, in other words, of the vast transnational terrorist network run by the NATO Clandestine Commiteee and the CIA.

We next hear of Depretre, who dismissed the case and stopped the tape from being played in the family court, being put in charge of the case of the "suicide" of the head of the Westland New Post, another neo-fascist Gladio group like the FJ. Six months earlier he had complained about "death threats in the Pinon file", parts of the official file on which were found in his possessions after his death. The Commissioner of the Brussels Judicial Police believed the rope was too short for a suicidal hanging, but that's what it was deemed to be.

And that was the Pinon affair. That was how the public became aware of this skullduggery in high places.

Cool Nihoul

The arrest of Marc Dutroux was soon followed by the arrest of Michel Nihoul, a Brussels businessman. "My arms are as long as the Danube", he's claimed to have said on his arrest.

Nihoul was claimed to have paid Dutroux's accomplice Lelievre with drugs, to have run the imfamous Belgian ballets roses and to have links to international crime and the intelligence services.

Undoubtedly Nihoul knew both Dutroux and a certain Patrick Derochette, another man eventually convicted of the rape and murder of a child after lenient judicial treatment. Derochette was seen by a friend of the victim with the victim in his car after he kidnap, but the police again failed to follow up that lead. Where the victim was then being taken is unknown. According to Alexandra Cohen this victim may also have been prostituted,

Dutroux was associated with Jorge Ritto, a Portuguese diplomat and a most unlikely aquaintance for an unemployed electrician living on disability benefit as a result of supposed psychological troubles cause by his time in prison. The most likely way for a man like Dutroux to meet a man like Ritto would be through a mutual associate, most likely Nihoul who ran the finances of the paedophile operation from offices in the business district of Brussels and generally moved in more salubrious circles than the hired thug Dutroux.

Ritto himself was eventually jailed as a result of a related paedophile scandal, the Casa Pio scandal, in Portugal.

Nihoul's business reputation was far from clear long before the Dutroux business broke. He had spent several short terms in prison for criminal offences such as money-laundering, drug trafficking and prostitution, all crimes associated with organised crime. However in a classic example of elite deviance and complicity he was a bigwig in the party political machine and friends with John Singlaub, the American military/intelligence operative who started a trade in "opium alkaloids" during the American involvement in Afghanistan in the '80s. In a way similar to the American intelligence use of Wandering Bishops he ran Eco Vie, a cult which covered some of his less acceptable activities.

One man had this to say about Nihoul: "He invited me out to the first floor because he only wanted to pay inside. When I came in, there were three girls of twelve, thirteen years, almost without clothes, only in a nightgown. I saw they were very young because they didn't have any pubic hair. Two of them were foreign, the third I don't know. In the room there also were two men, dressed. Nihoul forced me to take off my clothes and when I refused he threw me out with my shirt and my coat... it certainly was Nihoul... I am also certain that it was the house in the Atrebatenstreet [Les Atrebates club]."

Nihoul's business activities all seem to be of this type, all incommensurate with his position as a respected businessman moving in the circles of diplomats and government ministers, but there it is. The Atrebates club is a sex club. It, and Nihoul, were named in the so-called X-Dossiers as perpetrators of child rape, by X1 and Nathalie W.

One possible reason for Nihoul's seeming immunity from prosecution for his crimes is that he was an informant for the BOB in Brussels, as Lee Harvey Oswalk and Mujahid Menepta were informants. Investigators were prevented from interrogating his handlers in the BOB about the nature of their contact with the suspect.

The Brussels BOB even lied to investigator Connerotte who was leading the Dutroux case when he asked if they had information on Nihoul.

Nihoul was also implicated in the murder of government minister Andre Cool. Guy Mathot and Alan van der Biest, major socialist politicians were also implication in the murder, not to mention gangsterism and the reception of moneys of corrupt origin. Buying the Socialists just like Roberto Calvi did in Italy.

Cools had promised to reveal secrets of the mafia, secrets of the arms dealers, secrets reaching to the White House and the top of the Belgian government. They shut him up. Connerotte and de Baets only got taken off the case.

Suspect van der Biest also took Cool's place in the party hierarchy but was soon in trouble for his part in a major bond theft, as the Kennedy conspirators got involved in the Montreal bond scandal. In a cooperative move to stimy criticism of himself on this issue he agreed to testify before a government commision, which provoked further investigation and, eventually, the forced resignation of four government minnisters and the secretary general of NATO over bribes from an Italian helicopter company.

Which leads us into the world of defence corruption.

Arms for Iraq

What most people may find surprising about what is fundamentally a sex scandal is the involvement of the international arms trade, the so called international Military Industrial Complex.

Sex and death are always linked.

In a precedent to the Gannon/Guckert/"Gosch" saga in America a company called Eurosystems Hospitalier, a consortium formed originally to build a hospital in Saudi Arabia, hired a woman called Fortunato Israel in a public relations capacity. She also went by the name Tuna and, with a band of other girls, provided just the sort of public relations Saudi princes are known to be so fond of.

In the end the company needed bailing out by the state and it became clear several milliard of francs had been paid in commissions. Bribes, that is.

How this links to the Pinon affair will now become apparent: head of one of EH's subsidiaries was the head of the Front de le Jeunesse who had firebombed the magazine threatening to bring Doret's testimony on the ballet rose to the public eye. Doret may indeed have implicated the Circle of Tuna in the organisation of the ballets.

Fortunato was also the mistress of the head of an armoured car manufacturer, who was awarded a twenty four milliard contract by the then minister of defence, the orgiast vanden Boeynants. Eventually the little fishes got in trouble with the law, but vanden B was there to sort it for them, personally. And another old friend reappears, the man who closed the case on them is once again Depretre.

Nihoul's name also came up in the investigation of the murder of Juan Mendez of Fabrique Nationale, supposedly the worker in a conspiracy to provide false end user certificates for weapons destined for Iraq, as a Tory minister (Aitken) linked to Jersey was doing the same thing here and Ollie North was using Franklin Credit Union for similar purposes in America.

Les ballets roses

The Ballets roses was a scandal that was publicized in 1958 in France. In a fashionable country house near Paris, belonging to the French Senate, a group of teenage girls performed "ballets" attended by prominent figures of the political and social worlds, notably, André Le Troquer, the last president of the National Assembly of the Fourth Republic.

The Brabant Massacres

Sixteenth of December nineteen eighty three, a late night petrol station late at night. A businessman and his mistress in a Mercedes saloon. They're returning from Paris. Both have been unfortunate in business but they've somehow acquired the money for a big chunk of the Ardennes which they've just bought.

A few moments later they, and an unlucky policeman, lie dead, three more victims of the Brabant massacres. The Mercedes is later found dumped by the killers with their pitiful loot in the boot, a few chocolates, some coffee and some cans of oil.

Undoubtedly the Brabant massacres were orchestrated by the Belgian intelligence services, their Gladio network, and directly carried out by military and intelligence personnel for the purposes of discrediting democratic government and ushering in a despotism, as shown in Allan Francovic's documentary.

In this case however orgiasts are also implicated. The mysterious influx of cash to the two was rumoured to be from one de Pouw, an orgiast of the ballets roses, a friend of vanden Boeynants. A payment of blackmail, as the pair had claimed just before their death-trip to possess tapes of this man orgising with children. Not publicity his company would benefit from, even if his name was spelt right.

The woman, Elise Dewit, worked for an associate of vanden Boeynants, and once again Depretre appears as investigator.

Another break from the popular image of the massacrists' modus operandi was the attack on the Vielsalm police station. Appropriately, nineteen eigthy four, a squad of US Marines parachuted into Belgium, hid out for a fortnight then stormed the Vielsalm police station, killing a policeman and stealing weapons which then found their way to extremist groups. A false flag attack blamed on terrorists, the truth eventually came out.

Gendarme Martial Lekeu, who fled Belgium after threats against the lives of his family, was a prominent member of Westland New Post, the militant wing of the Front de la Jeunesse made up of Gendarmerie officers, and testified that soldiers, police and spooks were behind the killings.

Finne, van Camp, Chabab and other orgiasts were also amongst the "random" victims of the Killers, and Dewit was known to be an orgiast.


Several of these were also members of the hard-right political group CEPIC, aimed at the elimination of any left wing influence in the Christian Socialist Party and founded by, amongst others, the orgiast fascists vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin.

They were, if you like, the Illuminati to the PSC's Masons, infiltrating an already powerful group to gain power for themselves, or to maintain it.

The aforementioned Finne had reported this group of individuals, particularly the WNP's predecessors Group G, and it's armed forces equivalent Group M, of the FdJ for planning to overthrow the government.

As I say, he was conveniently one of those killed in the Brabant massacres, supposedly just an unlucky businessman. Shot twice in the neck at a supermarket.

He named some potential leaders of the coup: amongsts others the orgiasts Beaurir and the ever-present vanden Boeynants.


The police discovered a body buried on one of the Dutroux properties, a body other than those of his child victims: one Weinstein, now claimed to have been an accomplice before his murder by Dutroux. After this discovery a letter to him from a Satanic cult was discovered.

In 1996 a police investigation was undertaken against the supposed base of a cult at Forchies la Marche, at which site it was rumoured human sacrifices had taken place. Human skulls were found.

The X dossiers contain testimony about the murder by torture of a young girl, in the presence of Nihoul, at a satanic rite in a castle in the Belgian forests, although no the more infamous Mother of Darkness castle. Similar, although not fatal, rites were recorded in Dorril's Honeytrap as taking place at the Astor estate in the period leading up to the Profumo affair.