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Dutroux in Context

Dutroux in Context

On the thirteenth of August nineteen ninety six Marc Dutroux and his wife, along with his sidekick Michel Lelievre, were arrested for the kidnap of fourteen year old Laetitia Delhez. In the end six children are known to have been kidnapped, some killed and used for the production of child pornography.

So began the unravelling of the biggest scandal in Belgian history. This is the scandal that links a team of US marines parachuting into Belgium and attacking a police station, killing an officer, to a prostitution ring providing girls to orgies for the Belgian elite and foreign diplomats, including the Crown Prince of Belgium.

This is the scandal that links a criminal gang living on the proceeds of drugs and child pornography to a Europe-wide network of spies carrying out terrorist attacks to subvert democracy in Western Europe.

This scandal links associations of World War II Fascists to illegal weapons smuggling and arms to Iraq, and neo-Nazis to the assassination of a minister of the Beligian government. It links a gangster and pervert who claimed to be an undercover policeman to the armed Ardennes training ground of a neo-fascist youth movement armed by the intelligence services and victims of child rape to a campaign to blackmail Arab dignitaries.

A scandal the far tentacles of which reach into the White House, every NATO intelligence service and even nominal enemies of the West. A scandal which should never have been allowed to go by the wayside without the guilty being brought to account before the law.

This is the story of a real-life conspiracy.

The Pinon Affair

Although the capture of Dutroux provided impetus, there had long been rumours in Belgium, discounted by the Establishment but accepted by many people, of ballets roses, pink dances, a euphemism for orgies, specifically orgies involving underage girls. One of the earliest emergences into the light of this was during the Pinon affair.

It was at the Lake Genval in August of '79, as the dark spectre of Thatcherism crept slowly over civilisation, that Andre Pinon was talking to the woman he was divorcing. He was there to get the truth, and most importantly to get the truth on tape, so that he could get custody of his children. A bluff, a private dick, a bit of coaxing and she spilled the beans on it all. His house was robbed and all that was taken was the tape, but a copy was available.

She tells him, and does so on tape, that her new man Dr. Bettens, runs orgies and that she has been taking part in them, having sex with many people of both sexes. She names some of her fellow orgiasts, elite deviants, members of the government and spookdom. A doctor called Crokaert.

Soon thereafter the wife of Crokaert is dead, found in a hotel room and announced "suicided". Pinon believes it to be murder, but when he gets to court the boss man running his burglary case for the government forbids the playing of the tape for the family court and custody of his children is awarded to his ex wife. He could have done a Kamal, the man who was the only Frenchman ever to win political asylum in America because his wife was part of a devil-cult of paedophiles and politicians and wished to abuse his daughter, but Pinon instead shouted all he knew from the roof tops to try to reverse the decision.

He meets Christine Doret, an orgiast along with his wife, who tells him that vanden Boeynants, former deputy Prime Minister, and the future King are involved. She first raised the spectre of paedophilia. She also claims the family court judge who decided against him has had children in care delivered to orgies.

Doret was lured to speak on tape to a journalist, eventually storming out upon the revelation of his profession claiming she will deny everything. Within weeks the offices of his paper are destroyed with molotov cocktails, burned by the terrorist paedophiles. The facts became public in court and when other journalists tracked her to her holiday resort, she did just what she said, denied it all. "Conspiracy theory", she says, let him enjoy it.

The case was dismissed by the court and the firebombing of the paper was blamed on the Front de la Jeunesse, who resented the leftist paper for revealing the location of their secret neo-fascist training camp deep in the primeval forests of the Ardennes. The FJ are now known to have been the Belgian wing of the Gladio network, or a tool thereof. A tentacle, in other words, of the vast transnational terrorist network run by the NATO Clandestine Commiteee and the CIA.

We next hear of Depretre, who dismissed the case and stopped the tape from being played in the family court, being put in charge of the case of the "suicide" of the head of the Westland New Post, another neo-fascist Gladio group like the FJ. Six months earlier he had complained about "death threats in the Pinon file", parts of the official file on which were found in his possessions after his death. The Commissioner of the Brussels Judicial Police believed the rope was too short for a suicidal hanging, but that's what it was deemed to be.

And that was the Pinon affair. That was how the public became aware of this skullduggery in high places.

Cool Nihoul

The arrest of Marc Dutroux was soon followed by the arrest of Michel Nihoul, a Brussels businessman. "My arms are as long as the Danube", he's claimed to have said on his arrest.

Nihoul was claimed to have paid Dutroux's accomplice Lelievre with drugs, to have run the imfamous Belgian ballets roses and to have links to international crime and the intelligence services.

Undoubtedly Nihoul knew both Dutroux and a certain Patrick Derochette, another man eventually convicted of the rape and murder of a child after lenient judicial treatment. Derochette was seen by a friend of the victim with the victim in his car after he kidnap, but the police again failed to follow up that lead. Where the victim was then being taken is unknown. According to Alexandra Cohen this victim may also have been prostituted,

Dutroux was associated with Jorge Ritto, a Portuguese diplomat and a most unlikely aquaintance for an unemployed electrician living on disability benefit as a result of supposed psychological troubles cause by his time in prison. The most likely way for a man like Dutroux to meet a man like Ritto would be through a mutual associate, most likely Nihoul who ran the finances of the paedophile operation from offices in the business district of Brussels and generally moved in more salubrious circles than the hired thug Dutroux.

Ritto himself was eventually jailed as a result of a related paedophile scandal, the Casa Pio scandal, in Portugal.

Nihoul's business reputation was far from clear long before the Dutroux business broke. He had spent several short terms in prison for criminal offences such as money-laundering, drug trafficking and prostitution, all crimes associated with organised crime. However in a classic example of elite deviance and complicity he was a bigwig in the party political machine and friends with John Singlaub, the American military/intelligence operative who started a trade in "opium alkaloids" during the American involvement in Afghanistan in the '80s. In a way similar to the American intelligence use of Wandering Bishops he ran Eco Vie, a cult which covered some of his less acceptable activities.

One man had this to say about Nihoul: "He invited me out to the first floor because he only wanted to pay inside. When I came in, there were three girls of twelve, thirteen years, almost without clothes, only in a nightgown. I saw they were very young because they didn't have any pubic hair. Two of them were foreign, the third I don't know. In the room there also were two men, dressed. Nihoul forced me to take off my clothes and when I refused he threw me out with my shirt and my coat... it certainly was Nihoul... I am also certain that it was the house in the Atrebatenstreet [Les Atrebates club]."

Nihoul's business activities all seem to be of this type, all incommensurate with his position as a respected businessman moving in the circles of diplomats and government ministers, but there it is. The Atrebates club is a sex club. It, and Nihoul, were named in the so-called X-Dossiers as perpetrators of child rape, by X1 and Nathalie W.

One possible reason for Nihoul's seeming immunity from prosecution for his crimes is that he was an informant for the BOB in Brussels, as Lee Harvey Oswalk and Mujahid Menepta were informants. Investigators were prevented from interrogating his handlers in the BOB about the nature of their contact with the suspect.

The Brussels BOB even lied to investigator Connerotte who was leading the Dutroux case when he asked if they had information on Nihoul.

Nihoul was also implicated in the murder of government minister Andre Cool. Guy Mathot and Alan van der Biest, major socialist politicians were also implication in the murder, not to mention gangsterism and the reception of moneys of corrupt origin. Buying the Socialists just like Roberto Calvi did in Italy.

Cools had promised to reveal secrets of the mafia, secrets of the arms dealers, secrets reaching to the White House and the top of the Belgian government. They shut him up. Connerotte and de Baets only got taken off the case.

Suspect van der Biest also took Cool's place in the party hierarchy but was soon in trouble for his part in a major bond theft, as the Kennedy conspirators got involved in the Montreal bond scandal. In a cooperative move to stimy criticism of himself on this issue he agreed to testify before a government commision, which provoked further investigation and, eventually, the forced resignation of four government minnisters and the secretary general of NATO over bribes from an Italian helicopter company.

Which leads us into the world of defence corruption.

Arms for Iraq

What most people may find surprising about what is fundamentally a sex scandal is the involvement of the international arms trade, the so called international Military Industrial Complex.

Sex and death are always linked.

In a precedent to the Gannon/Guckert/"Gosch" saga in America a company called Eurosystems Hospitalier, a consortium formed originally to build a hospital in Saudi Arabia, hired a woman called Fortunato Israel in a public relations capacity. She also went by the name Tuna and, with a band of other girls, provided just the sort of public relations Saudi princes are known to be so fond of.

In the end the company needed bailing out by the state and it became clear several milliard of francs had been paid in commissions. Bribes, that is.

How this links to the Pinon affair will now become apparent: head of one of EH's subsidiaries was the head of the Front de le Jeunesse who had firebombed the magazine threatening to bring Doret's testimony on the ballet rose to the public eye. Doret may indeed have implicated the Circle of Tuna in the organisation of the ballets.

Fortunato was also the mistress of the head of an armoured car manufacturer, who was awarded a twenty four milliard contract by the then minister of defence, the orgiast vanden Boeynants. Eventually the little fishes got in trouble with the law, but vanden B was there to sort it for them, personally. And another old friend reappears, the man who closed the case on them is once again Depretre.

Nihoul's name also came up in the investigation of the murder of Juan Mendez of Fabrique Nationale, supposedly the worker in a conspiracy to provide false end user certificates for weapons destined for Iraq, as a Tory minister (Aitken) linked to Jersey was doing the same thing here and Ollie North was using Franklin Credit Union for similar purposes in America.

Les ballets roses

The Ballets roses was a scandal that was publicized in 1958 in France. In a fashionable country house near Paris, belonging to the French Senate, a group of teenage girls performed "ballets" attended by prominent figures of the political and social worlds, notably, André Le Troquer, the last president of the National Assembly of the Fourth Republic.

The Brabant Massacres

Sixteenth of December nineteen eighty three, a late night petrol station late at night. A businessman and his mistress in a Mercedes saloon. They're returning from Paris. Both have been unfortunate in business but they've somehow acquired the money for a big chunk of the Ardennes which they've just bought.

A few moments later they, and an unlucky policeman, lie dead, three more victims of the Brabant massacres. The Mercedes is later found dumped by the killers with their pitiful loot in the boot, a few chocolates, some coffee and some cans of oil.

Undoubtedly the Brabant massacres were orchestrated by the Belgian intelligence services, their Gladio network, and directly carried out by military and intelligence personnel for the purposes of discrediting democratic government and ushering in a despotism, as shown in Allan Francovic's documentary.

In this case however orgiasts are also implicated. The mysterious influx of cash to the two was rumoured to be from one de Pouw, an orgiast of the ballets roses, a friend of vanden Boeynants. A payment of blackmail, as the pair had claimed just before their death-trip to possess tapes of this man orgising with children. Not publicity his company would benefit from, even if his name was spelt right.

The woman, Elise Dewit, worked for an associate of vanden Boeynants, and once again Depretre appears as investigator.

Another break from the popular image of the massacrists' modus operandi was the attack on the Vielsalm police station. Appropriately, nineteen eigthy four, a squad of US Marines parachuted into Belgium, hid out for a fortnight then stormed the Vielsalm police station, killing a policeman and stealing weapons which then found their way to extremist groups. A false flag attack blamed on terrorists, the truth eventually came out.

Gendarme Martial Lekeu, who fled Belgium after threats against the lives of his family, was a prominent member of Westland New Post, the militant wing of the Front de la Jeunesse made up of Gendarmerie officers, and testified that soldiers, police and spooks were behind the killings.

Finne, van Camp, Chabab and other orgiasts were also amongst the "random" victims of the Killers, and Dewit was known to be an orgiast.


Several of these were also members of the hard-right political group CEPIC, aimed at the elimination of any left wing influence in the Christian Socialist Party and founded by, amongst others, the orgiast fascists vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin.

They were, if you like, the Illuminati to the PSC's Masons, infiltrating an already powerful group to gain power for themselves, or to maintain it.

The aforementioned Finne had reported this group of individuals, particularly the WNP's predecessors Group G, and it's armed forces equivalent Group M, of the FdJ for planning to overthrow the government.

As I say, he was conveniently one of those killed in the Brabant massacres, supposedly just an unlucky businessman. Shot twice in the neck at a supermarket.

He named some potential leaders of the coup: amongsts others the orgiasts Beaurir and the ever-present vanden Boeynants.


The police discovered a body buried on one of the Dutroux properties, a body other than those of his child victims: one Weinstein, now claimed to have been an accomplice before his murder by Dutroux. After this discovery a letter to him from a Satanic cult was discovered.

In 1996 a police investigation was undertaken against the supposed base of a cult at Forchies la Marche, at which site it was rumoured human sacrifices had taken place. Human skulls were found.

The X dossiers contain testimony about the murder by torture of a young girl, in the presence of Nihoul, at a satanic rite in a castle in the Belgian forests, although no the more infamous Mother of Darkness castle. Similar, although not fatal, rites were recorded in Dorril's Honeytrap as taking place at the Astor estate in the period leading up to the Profumo affair.

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