Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Odd little film called Incendiary

British Film. All about a terrorist attack on London. Specifically about one woman's emotional journey through the aftermath of the events, so obviously not very good. I see from the internets that the woman in it isn't a typical east end slapper, to quote the fillum, but an American film star formerly in Species as the kid and in the TV series Dawson's Creek, as the blonde one.

Nonsense, mostly. Reminds me of Silent Hill, which is an awful film.

A couple of pieces of interest, though. Firstly, to cut a long story short, the head of the Met anti-Terror branch turns out to have known all about the attack in advance and to have LIHOP, if not MIHOP. Film too busy with emotional journeys to bother with a plot. Secondly, at one point she's sat in a tube station when the tannoy announces that all trains have been cancelled "due to a power surge at King's Cross". Those of us who were watching the news on 7/7 will remember that the original explanation for the explosions was a power surge causing the explosion of transformers in the railway power system. It is, of course, a common trope in conspiracy circles that initial reports reflect the truth which has yet to be concealed by the slick PR operation of the real terrorists behind the attack.

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