Friday, 16 April 2010


Notes on various things I'm too lazy to write long pieces about.

The three inevitabilities, appropriate for a Triad, all equal and untrue: whigism, fukuyamaism and marxism. The truth denied: history is not a procession to the inevitable, but a struggle between people and a war between classes.

The free market, which grants a vote to each dollar rather than a vote to each man. All things are of the market, we are told. It is undeniable, immutable, beyond the power of the state or democracy. Yet... it is always, supposedly under threat. To be destroyed by even the slightest rise in taxes, unless on the poor, or regulations, not counting those on personal conduct. But are these not functions of the market? Some say that the boycott of Nestle, now longstanding, is a market mechanism of redressment, showing that regulation is unnecessary. Others say it is an infringement of the market. No-one thinks a trade union is a legitimate market mechanism. But sure the joining of people into voluntary associations to enhance their market power is just as much a function of the market as the increased milk production of the bovine is a function of evolution. But don't get me onto selfish genes. A thought: maybe it's all just an attempt to subvert democracy and establish a monopoly on the usage of collective economic force?

Hill forts! I was listening to a programme on the TV, or possibly listening to the radio, and I came across some bugger claiming hill forts weren't put in place for defensive purposes, but were habitual abodes and settlements. Problems: most of them had no water source, within them have been discovered a disproportionate number of ballista bolts and murdered corpses, for example a man buried with a ballista bolt head in his spine. I might just have accepted "palace" or that archaeological favourite "ritual site", but not village. Also we only have the evidence of their use as a fortification. Sites of settlement tend to be reused, as do forts. Archaeology shows the hill forts to have been refortified during the sub-Roman period, history records their use by "clubbers" in the civil war, gangs of labourers who just wanted both sides to stay away from their land. Could be they were used by the Belgae tribes on incomers as a position of dominance for prestige, the storage and monopolisation of agricultural surplus and intimidation of peasants, like later norman castles.

Something about eoliths being dismissed by modern scientists as the greeks dismissed heliocentrism supposedly because of their attachment to their social organisation, for which the saw the heavens as an analogy. As the modern fundie haters reject the vedic hypothesis because it smells like creationism. An absurd bit of creationism: the supposed fall of Western lactose intolerance. Evolution is supposedly driven by the extinction of those with inferior genetic traits. Do we think that majority of the population which must originally have been lactose intolerant were at such a disadvantage, although not amongst the Chinese for some reason, that they died out? No. More likely those who drank a bit of milk found their genetics changing to meet the situation. Man makes himself.

Narcopederasts. The taleban were, of course, first thrust to power on the wave of revulsion at paedophile warlords. Then they stamped out the drug trade. Then the Americans bombed them. Probably unrelated facts.

dc peter cook - islington paedo ring -- every islington home involved - islington source of children for pron - islington children taken to jersey -- hodge head of islington - blamed bribing joirnos -- hocquart - will fraud - guernsey and britain - his friend rabet -- rabet deputy super of islinton care home - jersey care worker - too children to jersey - more will fraud - inherited sussex manor from oil millionairess made care home w/ clack + hpcquart -- two other jersey associates working for islington -- goldip - islingro now ofsted -- portsmouth

Darwinism in shakespear and the original sources of his stories. Particularly MacBeth, I like a bit of 11th century saga.

The common law stopped slavery here. Somersett case. New laws to relegalise in Virginia, etc..

There's quite a bit of Templar graffiti at newark, lincoln, brueria. Confessions by them were probably correct, as no torture was employed on them in England.

Election by lot in greece and bible (Acts), that's real democracy. Should be brought in at local level immediately. No theft to be going on then. No more rape by charles lynton, bush, so forth.

Current method od democracy, gladiatorial, just theatre. See fall of arbenz, war was entirely fake, invasion reported on radio was entirely fictitious. See recent Afghan attack on non-existent city. Marja? "Fort tungsten."

Boyard the blind horse. School field with sleeper in it. Horse rippers with tomahawks in local paper. Stuarts, masons, castle tunnels, air raid shelters.

Too much education, brainwashing, makes people monocultured, aquinos mindwar to extend to adults and foreigners, education to certify people for lazy employers, meritocracy a curse upon the weak, a renunciation of humanity by the strong,

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